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Ever Spring 2016 Orchid Photo Contest
We are proud to announce the winners of Ever Spring's 2016 Orchid Photo Contest - Thank you to all of our entrants and congratulations to the winners! Also a very special thank you to everyone who took the time to join ES Open House, to look at these great photos and vote for the favorites!
First-place winner : Audrey Smart
"I took this photo at the Orchid show in Winnipeg, 2014. This particular Vanda was putting on quite the show, so unique, bold yet delicate and beautiful all at once. I'm happy to share its beauty with everyone."
Second-place winner : Lorne Heshka

'' Elegant Beauty ''



Photographer: Kay Shewfelt Boyd

'' Grace and Purity ''

Photographer: Jacques Cahill

Paul Eugene Conroy#1

"Grown under two T8 lights, in basement. Temp Hi - Daytime - 80F during summer 72 egg. In winter - Hi day - 73 - lo night 60F. "
Photographer: Sylvia Cahill

Zelemnia Midas "Golden Pond

"Grown in basement under 2 T8 lights. Plant from Lorne Heshke's Mother bought at society auction."
Photographer: Maria Melissa Casaclang
'' Phalenopsis Orchids in Shades of Purple ''
Photographer: Yi-Fang Chen

'' Bathing Under the Sun''

Photographer: Geordie Daneliuk

Paph Tree of Life X Paph henryanum

"A complex cross consisting of at least 5 known species, crossed to Paph henryanum.The plant was purchased at a MOS annual show a few years ago; spring 2015 was the plant's first bloom. It looks like it is on track to bloom again this spring."
Photographer: Jean and Lane Graham

Nobile Precious

" The photo of the Dendrobium nobile that we purchased from you some time ago.  This is the second blooming. "
Photographer: Eric M Horst
"First time blooming"
Cattleya 'Tokyo Magic
Photographer: Dan Roberts
'' This is my first blooming of this division I received in May 2015. It is a Wilsonara Tipples ‘Christine Dale’ HCC/AOS. It has 3 pseudobulbs, one previously bloomed, and is a moderate growing, robust plant! Grown in an east facing sunroom with no supplemental light at around 70% humidity.''
Photographer: Sylvia Rudkevich
'' These beautiful pictures of the orchids were take in Xcaret Mexico on February 2015.. My friend and I went to Playa del Carmen in Feb. 2015, and we spent  all day at Xcaret.''
Photographer: Alice Salunga
My Orchids
"The beauty of having orchids is that I have lovely flowers whole year round in my house."
Photographer: Darlene Stack

"Reflections of the past”

Dendrobium Love Memory “Fizz”
Photographer:  Carole Urias
"This flower is the most astonishing beautiful flower not only because of its visual beauty but because of its scent. It was the most beautiful scent- fruity with a slight spice note. This orchid would fill the room with an amazing aroma when the afternoon sun set on it. I have yet to coax it to bloom again but I do have my fingers crossed smile emoticon"
Kay Shewfelt Boyd
Jacques & Sylvia Cahill 
Jacques & Sylvia Cahill   Yi-Fang Chen  Yi-Fang Chen 
Geordie Daneliuk  -   A collection of of the paph from bud to bloom
Jean and Lane Graham  Lorne Heshka  Lorne Heshka  
Lorne Heshka  Dan Roberts Dan Roberts
Alice Salunga 
Carole Urias 


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