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Basic Orchid Culture

Watering and Test
Orchid's potting medium should be kept evenly moist. In general, watering your orchid once every 2 week should keep it healthy and happy. If you live in a humid area, however, your orchid may not require water as often.

Increase Humidity
Orchids enjoy 50 - 60% humidity all year round. If you plan to keep your orchid healthy long after it blooms (and you can't wait for it to bloom again) you may need to increase the humidity in your home or office. Add humidity with a tabletop humidifier or place a tray/glass of water near your orchid; as the water evaporates, it will humidify the air.

Fertilize Weekly, Weakly
Encourage your orchid to flower again! Once it's blooming period ends, your orchid will rest for a short period as it prepares to bloom again. Keep your orchid healthy during and after its blooming period by adding
orchid fertilizer to the water. This way, every time you water your orchid, you will provide the nutrients it needs to grow more precious blooms.

Phalaenopsis can live a very long time. That means you will have to know when and how to repot your plants. There are two reasons that a plant will need to be re-potted. Either it has outgrown its current container or its media has decomposed and no longer is aerated well enough to maintain healthy roots.

Remove the plant from its container and let the old media fall away. Carefully trim away any old dead roots. Position the plant in its new container and pour in the new potting media, letting it settle around the roots. Use only a media for orchids that contains bark, stone, sphagnum moss, perlite or similar material that will provide the aeration your Phalaenopsis will need. Resume your normal watering and fertilizing schedule.

Care After Repotting
Place the newly potted plant in a shady location. It is usually best not to water the plant for the next 7-10 days. During the second week after re-potting, resume a normal watering schedule. After about a month, new roots will appears on the plant. Return the plant to its normal location and begin to reapply fertilizer of 30-10-10.

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