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Ever Spring 2024 Orchid Photo Contest
We are proud to announce the winners of Ever Spring's 2024 Orchid Photo Contest - Thank you to all of our entrants and congratulations to the winners! Also a very special thank you to everyone who took the time to share the beautiful orchid photos with us, to join ES Open House, and to vote for the favorite photos!

First-place winner : Kim O'Connor

"Pretty in Pink"

Phragmipedium Senanus at my first visit to an AOS judging.

Second-place winner : Jefferson Cortez

"Phalaenopsis Sogo Red Star"

A cross between Phal Sogo Wendy and Phal Sogo Lawrence. It’s a beautiful

 mini phalaenopsis with fiery look. The outline created a beautiful contrast.

Oh it’s fragrant."



Photographer : Anna Fifer

"He has bloomed what a beauty !" 

PhotographePhotographe : Brad Toth

"Oncidium Misaki Twinkle Obry ‘Crimson Gold’ "

A photo of Oncidium Misaki Twinkle Obry ‘Crimson Gold’ that I bought two years ago .  It has a very pleasant scent as well as being so floriferous.

PhotographePhotographe : Darlene Moar

''My First Vanda...blooming!''

Photographer : Gary Drew

"My Catt Collection"


Photographer : Helen Somers

"My Collection" 

Here are some photos of orchids I bought at Everspring Orchids!  The cattleya  is three years old, It blooms every year.. This is Pamela Hetherington..Twinkle. Oncidium Chianti Red..  Blooms all the time..This I bought last year Open house.. The others are no name Phaleonopsis

Photographer : Jenelyn Delina

'' King of Taiwan "

Photographer : Jean-Paul Pham

"My first oncidium "

Oncidium Cocoa 'Chocolate,' purchased right here at Ever Spring Orchids

Photographer: Laura Gross

"Simple yet elegant"

A simple yet elegant, white with a purple speckled center moth Orchid. This one has been blooming for close to a year due to the simple miracles of perfect care.

Photographer : Vicki Waldner

"Oncidium Tariflor Lady"  

I bought this Oncidium Tariflor Lady from Everspring a few years ago and it has bloomed faithfully for me every winter.


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