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Ever Spring 2019 Orchid Photo Contest
We are proud to announce the winners of Ever Spring's 2019 Orchid Photo Contest - Thank you to all of our entrants and congratulations to the winners! Also a very special thank you to everyone who took the time to share the beautiful orchid photos with us, to join ES Open House, and to vote for the favorite photos!
First-place winner : Gary Drew
"These are some of my orchids which I have been growing for over twenty years , they bring great joy into my live"

Second-place winner : Jacques Cahill

" Cheeky Catt"

Blc. Sarah Rife ‘No Ka Oi’



Photographer: Andrea Klippenstein

"Ever Bloom"

This unique phalaenopsis is the only ever blooming orchid I have in my collection. The flowers pictured are its 3rd bloom set and it is already putting out more buds on the same spike. 

Photographer: Anneke Beer

"Black Orchid Magic"

Monnierara Millennium Magic 'Witchcraft' in bloom

Photographer: Barb Ochitwa

"Blooming Sunshine" to brighten my January"


Photographer: Brenna Dixon

"Calm, clean and collected - this white phalaenopsis shimmers in the afternoon sun."

Young double spiked white Phalaenopsis 

Photographer: Carole Urias

'' My Sunshine''

Photographer: Dan Roberts

"Disa uniflora"

All plants are grown in my sunroom. All blooms were from this past year.

Photographer: Darlene Moar

''My Passion and Love''

Photographer: David Ronson

"Spathoglottis Hybrid, it’s origin is from Malaysia and is known as a ground Orchid. "

The photo was taken in the Cloud Forest at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Photographer: Edyta Fatla
''My Orchid walks a different path"

Photographer: Geoffrey Thompson
Care giver: Helen Maslowski

"We are not particularly skilled at growing orchids, but this little beauty seems to have found its happy place. It normally sits near a window where it greets visitors to our home business, but photographed better against the cedar wall background."

Photographer: Joan Porteous

"Paphiopedalum Maudiae 'Black Garnet'"

Photographer: Karen Sawchuk  
 “Bought this orchid from the orchid show 6 years ago.  It has bloomed every year since. The spike is huge and covered with blooms. It makes me happy"

Photographer: Kylynn Hill
My Beauty - Mtssa. C.M.Fitch "Izumi" 

Photographer: Lane Graham

"Fragrant elegance"

My amethyst star Cattleya.  It just keeps on blooming. 

Photographer: Meera Sinha
"A friend sent this beautiful orchid plant to my husband when his dad passed away . Each time we looked at it we could feel the Love & Sympathy it radiated ." 

Photographer: Michelle Lam  
"Beauty and Wonder" 
Eva (8) stands amazed at this orchid's beautiful display. 


Photographer: Sylvia Cahill   

"Sylvia’s Winter Sunset"

Rhrds. Bangkok Sunset 

Photographer: Vicky Pawluk  

"Love my orchids!!  They are like medicine. Feed my mind,heart, & soul."

I put them outside in the trees for the summer & they bloom all winter. 


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