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Ever Spring 2017 Orchid Photo Contest
We are proud to announce the winners of Ever Spring's 2017 Orchid Photo Contest - Thank you to all of our entrants and congratulations to the winners! Also a very special thank you to everyone who took the time to share the beautiful orchid photos with us, to join ES Open House, and to vote for the favorite photos!
First-place winner : Lorne Heshka

''Cypripedium passerinum''

This orchid is also known as the sparrow's-egg lady's slipper and  is  native to the northern portion of Manitoba. This photograph was taken at Churchill.  The flowering plant is 15 to 40 cm  tall with a flowering time of mid June to late July.

Second-place winner : Cristina Belle

" Spirit Uplifter"

This picture was shared with a co-worker who placed it on her desk and she said  “ makes me happy” to glance at this photo!


Photographer: Audrey Smart

"Different Perspective"

Photographer: Ainsley Sturko

"Epidendrum Orchid"
Red epidendrum orchid just starting to open its flowers.

Photographer: Anneke Beer
" Year-old Phalaenopsis Keiki in full bloom off of parent plant"

Photographer: Maria Melissa Casaclang

"Pink Lady Slippers"

Photographer: Darlene Moar

"My First Oncidium - Twinkle White"

It takes a long time for it to finally blossom, but it is worth it. Smell is heavenly.

Photographer: Eva Slavicek

"Catt. percivaliana"

During the photo shoot surrounded me with its beautiful scent.

Photographer: Jean and Lane Graham

“ Slipper Greeting”

Photographer: Harvey Keselman

"Majestic Phrag"

Photographer: Dan Roberts
"Dendrobium tobaense. A formosae type with black hairs along its canes, and unique zig zagging growth habit. My favorite dendrobium."

Photographer: Betty Esler

"White phalaenopsis with fuchsia center. 12 full blooms with 2 buds."

Photographer: Tracy Nastiuk
" My First This Year Cattleya Bloom"

Kay Shewfelt Boyd
Jacques & Sylvia Cahill 
Jacques & Sylvia Cahill   Yi-Fang Chen  Yi-Fang Chen 
Geordie Daneliuk  -   A collection of of the paph from bud to bloom
Jean and Lane Graham  Lorne Heshka  Lorne Heshka  
Lorne Heshka  Dan Roberts Dan Roberts
Alice Salunga 
Carole Urias 


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